New Writing Site and other info

So, I have been experimenting with various writing sites since the last time I wrote about taking jobs online for writers. And I have found that there are a lot of sites out there that cater to specific customers that writers can reach whenever they get online to work. What you, as the writer, needs to realize, is that you don’t need area specific articles in order to write really good articles. For example, I live in Arizona, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not qualified to write about the tornado in Texas if I really want to write about it.

How can I do this? Well, it starts by making sure you do your research about the area first. If you know next to nothing about the topic you are writing then you can’t write the article. Google map the area to get a lay out of the area, stores and so forth that are in the area. The next thing you need is to see if you can find someone who lives in that area who will be willing to talk to you about the incident. Barring that, normally a really good writer can use their own personal experiences with a similar situation. For example, I wrote about a tornado that had touched down in a different state than where I lived (for the full story read it here:

As you can see, it was about a tornado, and our experiences, but the main article was meant for someplace other than where we lived at the time. I used my experiences with a hurricane that had landed and caused tornado’s and how my children had reacted to the hurricane and tornado’s.

Now, as to writing sites, writers can do this as long as they are careful and they use either testimony from people who were there and experienced what occurred, or they use their own experiences. This is really easy, unless you write for a company like Zery’s. This writing site has some of the best programs in deterring false articles that I have seen thus far. For example, you are only allowed to write about things that you have knowledge of, you are only given a certain amount of subjects from the knowledge that you have to write about. Also, you get a list every morning to choose from, if you don’t have anything listed in the morning then you have to check the site during the day, roughly every 20 minutes, in order to have work.

There is the ability to advance, provided you receive enough articles as well as a guaranteed paycheck every two (2) weeks provided you have worked during that time frame. It can be as little as $2 or as much as $20. I have had payments of nearly $30 in a matter of two weeks. Also, you get a payment for your articles a week after you start working with the site, as opposed to having to wait for the next scheduled payday. Payment is sent on the first and fifteenth of every month, no exceptions.

If you want to play around with your writing skills, you can go to sites like iWriter or NewsModo or any of the others that promise work so long as you win the “bidding war” on the projects that come up. But that’s not guaranteed paydays. A friend on mine uses one of those sites and she has to work a full time job on top of that, and her husband is working two jobs, because she’s just not making the money needed. However, if she was to turn her efforts to a site like Zery’s or Textbroker, she would find that she would be making double what she normally makes on the site that she uses as well as possibly being able to go from full time “Just Over Broke” to part time.

If you want to hone your writing skills, and become a better writer, as well as get paid for your efforts, go to the good sites. Yahoo Voices, Textbroker, and Zery’s are just a few of the writing sites that I would recommend for writers who want to get paid for their work.



I finished my first book a couple weeks ago and immediately sent it out to various publishers to be published. I got back a lot of really positive reviews, and several firms told me that they wanted to publish my book…for a fee.

I don’t have that kind of money! I don’t care about fees, I just want my book published. If they wanted to then they could take 50% of the profits from the sales of my book and that would be just fine. I just want the story out there for people so that I can finally say that I’m a PUBLISHED author.

So, my bright idea was to go and try to apply for grants and financial aid. Surprisingly enough, not many places support authors. They are more concerned about artists that deal with a more “pleasant” form of expression, like painting, sculpting, and so on. But, I did get some helpful advice.

“Most publishing firms don’t accept manuscripts from unsolicited authors unless they are represented by an agent.”

My world was blown. An agent? So that would be someone I would have to pay money just to represent my book and present it to a publishing firm that won’t try to take my children as down payment? What the heck is up with that? I guess it kinda makes sense though, there are many authors out there who want to be published, but very few of them have what it takes to put out more than one or two books and they expect to collect royalties from those publications for the rest of their lives. Me? I just have a lot of really good ideas that I have yet to see already in print that I think people would love to read about (I know my college professors loved the short stories I wrote and asked me to keep them up to date about any publications I may have in the future).

For example, I have one in the works called The Princess and the Lion (title is a work in progress). It’s about a young girl who is the daughter of a leader on a far away planet. But, her people believe that there is something wrong with her because she hasn’t yet changed to her animal form. Yes, the book is about shape-shifters. There is political turmoil, kidnappings, murder, spies, and of course a running romance underneath it all. I actually have the first 15 chapters done, but I have been focusing more on getting my role play book typed up and put out.

Yes, I used to be a role player and yes I have written a book about my experiences. But it’s not what you think! The books are completely in the point of view of the characters themselves. My own personal views are no where in the books at all. Well, my past may have influenced how I built up her past to make her into the character she is now…but it’s really not like what you may think a role play book would be about.

The first book, like I said, is done and I’m working on the second book. The first book is relatively short when compared to the length that the other two books in the series is going to be, and the main reason for that is to lay down back story and lead up to the point where the adventure begins. I role played as Mother Nature, and I had such good teachers that I didn’t blow her up like some of the other noob role players would have. I had her cursed, cast from Mount Olympus to live forever alone. However, she figures out that she can inhabit others if they are willing to join their souls with her own. She lives with these individuals, but only a few individuals will do. These people are those who are directly descended from her original followers.

There is a lot of myths that are tied to this book as well, creationism from the viewpoint of the two main religions Science and Christianity, the myth of Christ is in the book as well as the rise and fall of the Roman and Greek empires, but that is only briefly looked at since the second book deals with it more directly. All in all, I was really pleased with how it turned out and can’t wait to (hopefully) find an agent who will help me get published!

On another note, my youngest daughter had her birthday party yesterday, she had a few friends from school show up (mainly just those that RSVP’d) and everyone had a blast! I was so thankful that not only did the family show up to celebrate her birthday, but also that some one outside of the family (several someones) wanted to show up too.