Getting Published

Getting published is one of the most difficult things for a writer to do, especially when they work freelance and want to branch out. Sure, they could save up their money, agree to only take high-paying articles, and get published using one of the thousands of self-publishing Publishing houses out there, but that takes a lot of leg work for someone who would rather be working on their writing than looking for ways to just make money. To me, when you have to focus on just getting published and you aren’t working on your chosen career path (being a writer) then writing becomes a JOB, not a JOY.

For me, the word “job” doesn’t mean what everyone else thinks it means (a source of employment in which an individual works a particular field for pay). To me, a “job” means “Just Over Broke”. Because that’s what you are, just over broke making enough money to pay your bills and that’s it. The joy of doing something, because it’s something you WANT to do is gone as you work day in and day out doing mediocre work for even less pay. This is why many freelance writers dream about one day becoming someone of importance, like the famous Authors we know and love today.

However, like I’ve said before I’ll say again, it is nearly impossible to get into a traditional publishing firm without the right connections. Also known as: having an agent.

Finding an agent is an equally difficult, if not nearly impossible, option for writers. You have to send out Query letters/emails to a variety of different agents. Each letter has it’s own different format, depending on which agency you are looking at, and has to be done just right or else you are shoved out the door without any help from the company. Not even a “Try this agency to see if maybe they will accept you” message.

So, what does a writer do when faced with these daunting scenarios? Give up? Nah, that’s not our way to do things. We never give up, even through writer’s block and family or friends telling us to just leave it alone because writing will never pan out for us.

Well, that’s when good, old-fashioned leg work comes into the play.

I have found, through Facebook of all places, one publishing firm that is currently accepting Queries from both agents and authors. Of course, if your work isn’t of the genre they are currently publishing, you shouldn’t send in a Query.

Dark Fantasy Press,, is a small but promising publishing firm that is currently accepting Query letters in both electronic and printed versions for authors and agents. While their genre is focused on the dark side of life, unlike some publishing firms, they don’t seem to cater to just one type of person. (I have seen publishing firms that won’t accept your Query if you aren’t a specific race or gender, it’s ridiculous, but it does happen)

Everyone has a dark, hidden place in their minds and souls. Everyone wants to read about something dark and horrifying while they are safely tucked away in their beds or on their sofa’s. And Dark Fantasy Press caters to those hidden desires and wants.

So, if you are a writer who has a few manuscripts that are dark in nature, why not visit the site for Dark Fantasy Press and submit a Query. Who knows, you might just turn out to be the next Stephen King.


One thought on “Getting Published

  1. Hi Amanda!

    I’m Zee, one of the editors at Dark Fantasy Press. Thank you so much for the mention here in your lovely post. šŸ™‚ Yes, we cater to everything dark – can be the darker side of the mind, to demons and dragons and everything in between. Like the name says, ‘Dark’ and ‘Fantasy’ – we’re interested. There can be romance or not; that’s not a set requirement. šŸ™‚ Think Stephen King to Nalini Singh to Anne Rice – we’re into all that, lol!

    Our core group is comprised of people from all over the globe (hello/hi, I’m from Mauritius, which is a small island in the Indian Ocean. A fellow editor is from Malta, an island in the Mediterranean, while the owner is from Florida). Basically, we’re not just looking for manuscripts, but also people with whom to form lasting and abiding professional working relationships. If this sounds like you, then don’t hesitate to send us a query.

    Thanks again! Have a lovely weekend!


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